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Custom Booking Engine

  • All guest types, including individual customers, groups, conventions, corporate clients and agencies or tour operators, can be managed in your booking engine
  • Flexible price packaging – including amenities
  • Advanced features that lead to a high level of booking conversion
  • Up-selling tools – interaction between customer and web site
  • Customizable to match your web site’s look and feel
  • Responsive layout for computer, tablet or mobile phone
  • Optional Call Center application

Built in Channel Manager

Manage electronic distribution on channels automatically, simply and quickly from one central panel.  Synchronizes rates and availability on all major channels:

Built-in Revenue Management

Rates managed from one panel – based on occupancy, season, events, discounts. minimum length of stay, or a combination.  All rates may be derived from master rates supplied by the PMS.  Allotments by channel.

Seamless integration with Execu/Suite PMS

All-in-one administration with Execu/Tech.  Training, setup, and support supplied by the same team you already know.
Secure tokenization of credit card data.  Deposits made directly into your hotel account.


Flexible pricing models make a central reservation system affordable to even the smallest properties.  Contact us today for a custom quote.

Execu/Suite CRS is powered by Vertical Booking – part of a global reservation technology company that works with more than 6,400 chain and independent hotel clients.

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