Support / Installation / Training

Customer support is such a high priority at Execu/Tech that we gave it a special name: Execu/Care.

We think the name reflects the attitude we have toward each and every customer. We care about their success. Their success is our success.

The majority of incidents from Execu/Care contract customers are handled immediately.  We use real people to take your messages and have technicians on staff 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Support line:

850.747.0581 option 2

Email Support

Support tickets submitted after business hours will be answered the next business day.  For immediate help, please call our Support line.

To ensure that our users are getting the most from their system, we offer the following methods of training:
  • Online user guides and tutorial videos

  • Live interactive remote training via WebEx® or RemoteET

  • On-site training for individuals or groups

  • On-site “go live” assistance

Detailed services descriptions and prices
Hardware, system, and networking requirements are provided in advance by Execu/Tech for your IT professional so that your Execu/Tech solution will run fully optimized.

On-site installation and remote installation by competent, experienced Execu/Tech professionals assures you that everything is installed and running correctly.

On-site training by Execu/Tech professionals assures you of thorough, hands-on, face to face instruction in all areas from data setup to end user application.

Live, on-line remote training is a sensible option that can be paired with on-site training with setup will be done over an extended period of time or when new staff is hired and needs to be trained by an Execu/Tech professional.

24-hour support seven days a week at a fair and reasonable cost will give you the comfort of knowing that Execu/Tech staff will be available when you need them.