Execu/Suite CRS

Custom Booking Engine

With flexible price packaging – including amenities, highly customizable to match your web site’s look and feel, responsive layout for computer, tablet or mobile phone.  Optional Call Center application.

Built in Channel Manager

Automatic synchronizing of rates and availability on all major channels; GDS, OTA’s or Metasearch engines, including automatic management of allotments.

Seamless integration with Execu/Suite PMS

All-in-one administration with Execu/Tech.  Training, setup, and support supplied by the same team you already know.


Flexible pricing models.  Contact us today for a custom quote.


solid, smart, proven

Spend more time

taking care of your guests and less time taking care of your computers – our hotel software solutions allow you to focus on your business.  More…


we understand the demands of hospitality

You'll be working

with our dedicated people who understand the extreme demands of the hospitality industry.


Execu/Care™ Live

You have a choice

of support programs that fit your property’s budget and needs nuestro sitio. As you serve each of your guests individually, we serve each of our clients individually.  Comprehensive online help.

Secure Payment Processing

with tokenization, EMV, P2PE, easy PCI compliance,  end-to-end solution.
Execu/Suite Fully Integrated Partner.

Execu/Suite Hosted

Cloud or In-house:
You have a choice.

Powered by Microsoft Azure®, cloud based hotel property management software solutions remove the security and maintenance issues associated with an in-house hotel reservation system.

iHotelier Suite

Gain a competitive edge with TravelClick’s iHotelier Suite. This integration of all our solutions provides you with a holistic and data-centric approach to attract the right guests at the right price, convert shoppers into bookers and build and maintain guest relationships.