Wireless Physical Inventory

When it’s time to take physical inventory, the Execu/Touch wireless bar-coding solution makes the task fast and easy – even for inexperienced employees.

Our mobile based software supports helpful features including a Scan Review screen as well as search and delete capability. These features help to streamline the task of working with a large number of assets.

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Easy PCI compliance with Shift4® TrueTokenizationSM
“They can’t steal what you don’t have.”SM

Execu/Touch™ gives you control over access to all elements of the system. Built-in multi-level security allows you to monitor employee activity.


Execu/Touch™ Point of Sale software’s design is scalable – allowing our software to be at a perfect price to performance ratio for a variety of installations ranging from small gift shops to five star restaurants.

Cost Effective

The Execu/Touch™ system architecture is designed for business operation. Because of its open architecture design Execu/Touch™ is not limited by proprietary hardware

Execu/Touch Tableside

With Execu/Touch TableSide, you have the freedom to enter guests’ orders directly from their table. Let your wait staff serve your customers rather than waste time walking back and forth between the tables and the computer.

Whether indoors or outdoors, Execu/Touch TableSide wireless point of sale gives you the same easy to use interface as our workstation software without the messy cables and cumbersome machines. With Execu/Touch TableSide wireless restaurant POS, you hold the latest in point of sale technology in the palm of your hand.

Tableside Technical Requirements
The Execu/Touch™ easy-to-use item entry leads the cashier through each step of the sale. Menu items may be selected by touch or through bar-coding. Execu/Touch’s flexible menu item pricing structure allows for each menu item the ability of automatic or manually pricing.

Guest checks may be tendered to a single or multiple pay types. With the addition of our Back Office package you are able to manage gift cards, In-house accounts, and for schools and cafeteria’s student accounts.

Credit card verification is completed almost immediately with a 2 -3 second authorization time through DOLLARS ON THE NET®. And for guest and account charges, Execu/Touch automatically posted to the guest’s account instantly.

Labor & Cash Control

With Execu/Touch you are no longer at the mercy of outsiders. You control costs by controlling the Execu/Touch system. You spend less time doing bookkeeping functions and more time servicing your customers. Integrated Time & Attendance gives you on the spot labor vs. sales reports.


A host of easy to run reports give you information about purchases, sales, employees, and profits. Or you may export sales, labor, and inventory data into Excel, Access, etc.

Each check can be recalled for re-printing for several years

Any report can be re-printed for several years

Cash drawer balancing and sales analysis by shift, by cashier, by register, by hour, and by day

Detailed void reporting by employee, supervisor, and item

Sales and tip reporting by server

Sales analysis and usage by inventory item and by department

Sales history (as many years as computer disk capacity allows)

Employee Time Reporting

Dozens of customized reports to fit any need

Inventory Control

Combining Execu/Touch with our complete inventory system allows you to create and track stock items from creation of purchase orders, through receipt of stock to sales to the guests.

Inventory is updated automatically-
Retail – directly using SKU’s
Food & Beverage – via Execu/Touch’s ‘Recipe’ feature.

Optional Back Office Accounting

General Ledger – Financial Statements (Departmental and Combined), Detail General Ledger, Multiple Open Periods, Account Detail Look-up, Retain Several Years Detail Information

Accounts Payable – Automatic Payment Selection, Check Writing, Cash Requirements, Contract Payables, Vendor Detail Look-up

Payroll – Automatic Tax Calculation, Tip Reporting, Check Writing, W2’s, Quarterly Reports

Accounts Receivable – Open Item or Balance Forward, Account Ageing, Statement Printing with Past Due Messages, Account Detail Look-up.

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POS Features

Single and multi-store operation
Up to 8 menus per outlet (breakfast, lunch, dinner, happy hour, etc.)
Up to 6000 items per menu per outlet in food and beverage, unlimited in retail
Up to 800 modifiers per menu per outlet
Unlimited “86” list
Split / combine checks
Open guest “tabs” by name
“Auto Login” and “Quick Key” modes for bar, retail, and fast foods
Completely user-defined items, modifiers departments, discounts, tax setup
Up to 54 item buttons visible at one time on the Graphical Touch Screen , 108 additional item buttons available by using the “second screen” option
Buttons can be assigned as menu categories, item or modifier “hot” keys
Two currencies can print on guest check
Five user security levels; administrator, supervisor, cashier, server, and non-pos
Administration (menu changes, employee permissions, etc.) from remote location with “on the fly” update to each terminal’s database
Printer redirection
Password security
Easy “One Button” close-out at the end of day
Club Membership with Online Credit Check
Optional interfaces to popular Accounting and Inventory Software- QuickBooks, Restaurant Magic, Food Trak, Great Plains Accounting
ALL sales data may be imported to Microsoft Access or other popular Databases automatically as part of End of Day.

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